The Moringa oleifera is known as the “miracle tree”, approximately 5-10 meters in height and cultivated all over the world. The reason this tree is considered so beneficial for medicinal and nutritional purposes is that every part of the Moringa plant is utilized. In addition to being an excellent source of vitamins, fatty acids, oils, and proteins, it can also be utilized for antioxidant, diuretic, anti-ulcer, anticancer, and antimicrobial purposes. Nearly every part of the Moringa plant has varied medicinal potential, from the seeds, seed oil, fruit, leaves, gum, and the roots. Here is some detailed information of the Moringa benefits and side effects.

Moringa Benefits and Side Effects

The leaves of the Moringa plant have long since been used to treat a variety of ailments in patients around the world. Patients who experience chronic headaches have found relief by simply rubbing the leaves of the plant against the temples. For shallow cuts, applying the leaves to the affected area can stop the bleeding and disinfect the wound. The anti-bacterial effects of the leaves are effective for treating small wounds as well as insect bites. The Moringa oleifera leaves can help aid with eye infections or inflammation to the mucus membrane. By drying out the leaves, consuming them can help eliminate diarrhea. Consuming the Morina leaves in recommended doses is perfectly safe, yet small side effects have occurred when consuming too much of the plant too quickly. Dizziness and vomiting can occur when consumed in too large of a dose.


Moringa Powder Medicinal Uses and Benefits

The Moringa powder is ground from the seeds of the plant and has many medical benefits. The powder is simply applied to the affected area topically and patients have seen results in as little as twenty-four hours. Here are just some of the uses for the powder made from the Moringa plant:
• The ground powder is an effective treatment for scurvy skin diseases.
• Moringa powder can be used for those suffering with fungal or bacterial skin complaints.
• Mixing the powder with food is an effective treatment for those who suffer malnutrition.
• Rubbing the Moringa powder on the skin can reduce the pain associated with sunburn, rashes, and severe burns.

Utilizing the Moringa Flower for Medicinal Use

The flower of the Moringa oleifera has many unique benefits that people are just now beginning to realize. Mothers are using the juice of the flower to improve the flow and the quality of the milk they produce while breast feeding. Patients who suffer from urinary tract infections or other urinary problems make use of the flower juice to help improve the flow of urine and to eliminate any infections. By boiling the flower in water, the mixture has the ability to fight off and combat the common cold. If the flower is consumed raw, it is effective at treating spleen and liver problems. People suffering from severe pain in their joints have eaten the raw flower pods and experienced significant healing properties. Because there are very minor side effects associated with the miracle tree, patients have the ability to consume the plant for longer periods of time to enjoy more of the healing benefits.


Benefits of Consuming the Moringa Plant Seeds

The seeds of the Moringa oleifera have the ability to heal a wide array of illnesses and diseases. The seeds are typically roasted, then pounded, and mixed with coconut oil before applying to the body. Once the seeds are prepared, they can be used to combat arthritis, a large variety of sexually transmitted diseases, gout, boils, and rheumatism. By applying the seeds to the affected area, the healing properties first eliminate the pain the patient is experiencing, then attack the disease at the source to heal from within. Patients who have used the seed solution on their ailments have noticed an improvement in hours, and prolonged use of the miracle tree seeds have in many cases reversed the symptoms altogether. The symptoms associated with arthritis can be extremely painful, and many prescribed medications either attack the pain, or increase flexibility. The plant seeds of the miracle tree work to effective do the job of two toxic prescriptions, without any of the deadly and dangerous side effects.

Effective Treatments of Diseases Using the Moringa Gum, Roots, and Bark

The Moringa benefits and side effects of using the bark, roots, and gum should be discussed at length. The only real side effects when making use of any of these remedies is by using too much for too long. Patients who consumed too much of the plant have been known to experience minor dizziness and vomiting, but the positive effects far outweigh those minor issues. The benefits in the bark and the roots of the Moringa oleifera are more potent because their properties are much more concentrated in this form. This is the reason many experience side effects when consuming the gum, roots, or bark. The bark and roots have healing properties for circulatory and cardio issues, and can be used as an effective tonic for inflammation. By digesting the bark, patients suffering with lower back pain and kidney pain have experienced relief. Pounding the roots and mixing with salt is used to treat articular and rheumatism. Asthma sufferers have seen improved conditions by consuming the gum of the Moringa oleifera.

Moringa Oleifera Contains All the Amino Acids the Body Needs

Amino acids are basically the building blocks of all the proteins needed to maintain, grow, and repair cells in the body. The Moringa oleifera plant contains all the amino acids that are needed by the body to promote a healthy lifestyle. While the body is capable of producing up to 12 of the amino acids, there are 8 amino acids known as the essentials, and these should be provided to the body by way of a healthy diet. The Moringa plant contains all 8 of these essential amino acids. Many of these amino acids are necessary for building protiens and enhancing the body’s alertness and energy. These acids also help to regulate the absorption rate of calcium in the body, prevent hair, nail, and skin problems, reduce liver fat, produce the chemicals necessary for the nerves and brain to communicate, as well as assist in metabolism.

How Moringa Oleifera Can Help With Everyday Issues

Consuming the Moringa plant in seed, oil, leaf, or root form as part of an everyday diet can help benefit the body in many different ways. Daily consumption of the Moringa helps to stimulate the immune system and prevent a large variety of illnesses from occurring. These illnesses range from the common cold, allergies, asthma, and high blood pressure. The oil of the Moringa plant is rich in beta carotene and vitamin A, attacking bacteria early before they have a chance to infect the body and weaken the immune system. Whether eating the leaves or consuming the oils, the healing properties of this miracle tree can help balance cholesterol levels and reduce the likelihood of a heart attack. The antiseptic properties of the plant is an effective treatment against cuts and bruises on the body. Many of the common illnesses that people experience on a daily basis can in fact be virtually eliminated when consuming the Moringa oleifera on a regular basis. By strengthening the immune system, many ailments like the common cold and allergies are kept at bay for longer periods of time.

Improving Hair Health With Moringa Oleifera

Whether you are suffering from early signs of baldness or your hair has become weak and brittle, the Moringa plant has many benefits to improving your physical appearance and strengthening your hair all the way down to the roots. Many nutritional and health deficiencies can cause significant damage to the hair follicles. These problems range from dandruff, hair breakage, split ends, to hair loss. The proper intake of essential nutrients and vitamins has the potential to drastically improve the hair. The formation of keratin protein is dependent on consuming the right amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, all of which are plentiful in the Moringa plant. The high concentration of vitamin A can help with hair maintenance and growth, increasing the delivery of nutrients through increased blood circulation around the hair roots. The abundance of zinc in the plant stimulates the hair immune functions, preventing the clogging and drying out of the sebaceous glands.

Eliminating Harsh Toxic Skin Care Products

Many of the products prescribed to treat a variety of skin ailments contain harsh toxic chemicals that not only dry out the skin, they can lead to permanent scarring of the soft skin tissue if not used properly. Many skin issues like rashes, acne, and boils, are treatable with non-toxic products like the oil of the Moringa plant. The oil contains an abundance of nutrients like copper, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, B, C, D, and manganese. These nourishing and moisturizing properties are exceptional for cleaning the skin without harming the delicate outer layer. The oil of the Moringa tree also has been found to possess many anti-aging properties. By cleansing the skin effectively, the oil of the plant makes the skin resistant to lines and wrinkles, effectively restoring the youthful glow to the skin. The leaves of the plant contain approximately 30 different antioxidants that can help restore the elasticity to the skin. Because the oil is extremely absorbent, it can deliver those antioxidants to the skin more rapidly. Unlike harsh skin care products that contain harmful ingredients, you can use the oils for longer periods of time without concern of harming the skin surface.

Using the Moringa Plant in Your Daily Routine

Adding the topical application and consumption of the Moringa oleifera to your daily routine will have long-lasting positive effects on your body. Not only will you start to look younger, you will begin to feel younger as well. The all natural ingredients of the Moringa oleifera plant help you to improve the outside appearance of your body while simultaneously helping you feel vibrant and refreshed every morning. The sulfur within the plant is the same mineral that makes up every cell of the body. When you begin to see that improvement in your skins elasticity, you carry yourself in a more positive way as you feel as good as you look. No longer will you be subjecting your skin and your vital organs to the dangerous and toxic chemicals that make up the majority of medications being prescribed to patients today. The Moringa oleifera is so safe that it is being used as a lotion to help soothe and soften a baby’s skin. Medical researchers are beginning to realize the healing powers of the plant, and incorporating it into many of their skin care products being used worldwide.

The simple truth when it comes to the Moringa oleifera is that every part of this tree has some positive healing qualities that will benefit your body today and for the long-term. The seeds and oils are essentially a storehouse full of medical compounds and nutrients. Each part of the plant contains an abundance of either vitamin A, potassium, iron, vitamin C, calcium, and a wide variety of proteins. The Moringa oleifera contains within it a huge amount of phytonutrients, disease fighting antioxidants, and eight essential amino acids that benefit the body in many ways. In only limited studies, the Moringa oleifera has been shown to contain over 530 different compounds that have the ability to prevent over 300 different diseases.

The growing list of benefits to the body by consuming the plant is nothing short of miraculous. This little powerhouse of a plant contains 46 different antioxidants and 90 different nutrients. Whether you are suffering from a burn or cut, or serious illness like chronic high blood pressure or rheumatism, the healing properties of this one plant are numerous as they are effective. Able to improve the body both from the outside and inside, you will be hard pressed to find another miracle medication that has the ability to naturally heal the body in so many different ways. Considered the miracle tree by many for good reason, your body and mind will benefit when you incorporate the Moringa oleifera plant into your daily routine.